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BioSurfaces Masks

FAQs About the Masks

BioSurfaces has developed and tested various medical devices for implantable (permanent) and non-implantable (temporary) applications with our technology, however we are  not a mask producing company, nor do we sell the masks. The masks are purely for people that are in need of a masks (nurses, doctors, essential healthcare workers, etc.)



















Many of these technologies were developed from grants and contracts from the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation.  Several of these technologies have completed initial preclinical trials (identified with an asterisk(*)).  These devices hold huge benefits over current commercially available technologies, with their flexibility, drug and bioactive loading capabilities, and improved healing as a result of the nanofibrous structure as compared to other highly porous biomaterials such as expanded ePTFE and woven/knitted textiles.


Below shows examples of what our masks look like.

"How do I get a mask?"

  • The quickest way to ensure that you get a mask in the near future is by emailing us through our contact page letting us know what you need the mask for. (You will be added to a waiting list depending on the severity of your need)

  • *Artificial Heart Assist Device Conduit (Heart Disease)


  • Drug-Eluting Stent Jacket (Heart/Vascular Disease)


  • *Drug-Eluting Sutures (Vascular Disease/General Surgery)

Are the masks being sold?


  • Masks are currently not being sold due to the fact we can not mass produce them.

  • Due to the fact that we are no mask producers we can only make around 2 masks a day (we have generated a list for people who will receive the masks in order of the position they need it for)


  • HIV Filters (Filtration and Personal Protection Devices)


  • Dermal Regeneration Scaffold (Burns and Diabetic Ulcers)


  • Infection-Resistant Bone Fixation Pins (Orthopedic)

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