Add value and sophistication to your product or bring your design concept to life with BioSurfaces’ next generation electrospun polymer (ESP) material nanotechnology. This patented nanotechnology encourages improved healing of FDA-approved biomaterials, while also providing the distinct ability to incorporate drugs, proteins, radiopaque agents, genetic sequences, and other desired agents into our non-degradable or degradable ESP materials. These nanofibrous materials deliver outcomes that current textile materials and drug delivery devices cannot provide.  We have the flexibility to produce tubular, flat, or unusual shapes with various textures and mechanical properties via rapid prototyping.  


What BioSurfaces Offers
  • ESP biomaterials and coatings that improve healing without sacrificing strength

  • ESP biomaterials and coatings as thin as a few microns or as thick as several millimeters

  • The capability for drug delivery over prolonged periods, even from non-degradable materials

  • Rapid prototyping of unique and complex nanomaterial ESP structures

  • Complete physical, chemical and biological characterization of your device

  • Cell compatibility testing of your device using established tissue culture procedures

  • On-site ethylene oxide and steam sterilization of your ESP device


Advantages to Working with BioSurfaces
  • Extensive expertise in medical device applications and development

  • Team with unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness

  • Ability to thoroughly understand and solve needs of customer

  • Provide a direct ESP solution to your needs, not a “one size fits all” approach

  • Advance device from ESP device development to manufacturing, including specific equipment needs



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