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Week 18 – “Goodbye" is the Hardest Word

Hard to believe another week is coming to an end and Labor Day weekend is upon us already. Didn’t summer just start a little while ago? I think this way about our business too. It felt like yesterday when much younger (and foolish) people decided it would be a good idea to start a company. Fast forward over 16 years later, having a lot more gray hairs and still foolish/crazy for undertaking this endeavor, time has flown by in a blink of an eye. Even though we have had a lot of ups and downs over the years with the business, one thing that Tina and I have always treasured are the people we work with (even when it has not been the best match). I chose these words carefully because while T

Week 17 – Endings, New Beginnings and Progress

For BioSurfaces, August always seems to be the month of change. Besides the summer beginning to wind down (which really bums me out) and football season returning (which negates the winding down of summer), the company undergoes many changes during this time. Our college and high school interns who came in with little to no experience exit the company, hopefully feeling more confident in what they can do in the lab and maybe learning what they like (and dislike) about the field. Yes, finding out what they dislike about the field is part of the internship experience. As Tina and I tell them, that is just as important. For example, if they do not like working in the lab but still like sci

Week 16 – It’s All About the Connections

I have been very blessed to have made many connections throughout my life. While some people like to make connections that will only help them advance their careers, I believe that all people I meet are important. No person is unimportant. You never know how a person could help you or you could help them. This connecting process has not come easy to me. While many reading this blog may think that I’m a fairly outgoing person so I am overstating my issue, that really is not the case. Some people connect with ease, of which I am envious. For me, it is a struggle to get that first discussion going. I would rather be getting a root canal than starting that first discussion with a perso

Week 15 – Week of NuSpun™

The title of this week’s blog pays homage to one of my favorite shows Seinfeld, in which one character named George Costanza declares that this is going to be the “Summer of George.” While you could say that this has been the “Summer of NuSpun™,” this week has really kicked things into another gear and brings us closer to seeing how this graft is performing. It is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. It’s not like being a chef and getting instant feedback by looking at the expression of people eating your food and hearing compliments/complaints from the customers. This is a long process, especially on the preclinical and clinical side, in which you could wait days to years without

Week 14 – When You Become the Data (In a Good Way)

Tina and I have been receiving a lot of feedback about the blog from many folks that we have run into during our typical weekly routine, from attending a weekend gathering, taking our lunchtime walk, walking into work, a direct text, or through our social media sites. We cannot say enough how appreciated this feedback is since we are writing this blog to let people know what we are working on in real-time (trying to keep it as simple as possible when I can), the challenges and opportunities we face, how a small company operates and what our vision is (both immediate and in the future). My goal with the blog is to give you an opportunity to see what I am seeing. Not everything will be rose

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