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Week 28 – On the Road Again

It was nice to get a few days back at home base before hitting the road again. Some people think that it must be great to travel to different areas but this is not for fun. If it was, I would be all over that. Tina and I enjoy our day trips on the weekend. The most recent trips are basically single day trips for a specific reason. I would much rather be tinkering around in the lab than travelling but it is a necessary evil. Today’s travel finds Tina and me on a LimoLiner bus to New York City. It’s not a bad way to travel. It’s like traveling on an airplane with lunch/snacks, wi-fi and tv. I was able to write the blog during this time. The goal of this trip is to meet with two vascu

Week 27 – Looking for Signs

I want to start this week’s blog by saying thank you to all of our veterans for their service. We are so appreciative of the freedoms we have due to your sacrifice and service. It’s appropriate that this week started in our nation’s capital as last work week was barely coming to a close. We had two events scheduled for last Saturday. A little crazy considering so many factors could have affected two meetings that we would have no control over, but such is life. We also knew it was going to be a long day (up at 3:15am) so making sure to overcome any tiredness to present would be a challenge. I started the day wiping out Gordon’s Starbuck’s coffee at the airport. I am not sure if I was m

Week 26 – Getting Up to Speed

This week brought a lot of changes, from new people joining the group to making all kind of modifications around the place to adjust to the new norm. We first welcomed Dr. Jayashree Chakravarty to the research team. Jayashree brings a strong background in biomaterial development and characterization using background in bioengineering and biotechnology. This will fit well with what we are trying to accomplish in the various areas we are currently investigating. She comes into a great team that has made significant strides on both the research and manufacturing fronts. The hardest thing about coming into the company is understanding all of the programs we have ongoing, in the pipeline, or

Week 25 – “Piloting” into the Future

I am extremely excited about progress we made this week. While the blog title may make you think I did some travelling (well, I did do some local travel), most of the progress was centered around getting our new clean space set up to begin pilot manufacturing. This is a big step in the potential growth of the company. This one has been a while in the making, requiring us to think not just about designing/making cool new prototype devices but also the process to produce the final product. It’s a little scary to take that next step not knowing how it is going to turn out. It is a lot of responsibility and pressure because decisions we make do not just effect Tina and me. They affect our

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