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Week 5 – Come and Gone

Hope everyone had a great week! Cannot believe we are at the end of January already and bringing on February this weekend. Most of this week for me has focused on writing, so much so that I wasn’t sure I would have enough left in me to write the blog. As I get older (I will preface this by saying I’m not over the hill yet), writing grants and reports mentally takes a lot more out of me since there is so much that you have to keep track of in order to provide an accurate picture as to what the team has accomplished and what is still left to do. Still, I always keep it in perspective that what we do is nowhere near as tasking as what other people do every day. I am very conscientious and appre

Week 4 – A Happy, but Tired Soul!

Hope everyone had a great week! For the first time in a while, I have had back to back weeks where I have been able to spend a little quality time in the lab. It was not as much as I like since there are always business-related matters that need to be taken care of, but it was enough to keep my soul happy. It is always fun to challenge yourself, especially when you are learning new techniques or revisiting techniques you haven’t done in a long time. That being said, it seems to get scarier as you get older because doing things that are comfortable and familiar are a lot easier. I guess that’s why we keep pushing forward to grow the business instead of just folding things up and going to wor

Week 3 – Rebranding BioSurfaces

Hope everyone had a productive week. We are very happy to announce that the website relaunch at the beginning of the week was a complete success (minus a few glitches that we have since repaired), with over 60 people visiting the site in the first day alone. Not too bad for a small company that does not advertise or have an extensive marketing campaign! Thanks to all of you who took time to visit and provide feedback through our social media sites. It took several months of thinking about what message we wanted to relay and making sure to portray this message in a user-friendly format. Some major highlights include adding more visuals like the animation video related to our NuSpun™ Vasc

Week 2 - Jack of All Trades (Well Sort Of...)

Hope everyone had a great week. Before I get into the week, there is some exciting news that I want to share. We will be releasing our redesigned website this coming Monday, January 13th. Special shout out to Cameron for all of his hard work on this undertaking. This has been months in the making and no easy task. Quite a few changes have been made which will hopefully make the website even easier to navigate while providing more background into our process and the devices/products we are developing. We will be including an animation about the process and our NuSpun™ Vascular Graft (special thanks to the Life Science Animation team for their great work). You can also sign up to automa

Week 1 – Promise of a New Year

Happy New Year! Hope you and your families had a great holiday too. It is always good to get some down time. This time allows you to clear your head and get refocused on the upcoming next few months. It was nice to get a few days of just spending some time with family. That is the reason Tina and I have provided this time to our crew. I was fortunate that early in my career, my bosses provided me this time off to spend time with the family. I always felt more productive when I returned since I was taking a “fresh” look at my work. We have carried that tradition forward. We appreciate all that the team does all year long and want them to step away to get some needed rest and see thei

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