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Week 13 – Any Little Bit Helps!

Hope you are all doing well. It is unbelievable what has transpired in a week’s time. We have more people being infected and hospitalized with this virus across the United States. Our state, like many others, has issued a stay at home order for non-essential companies which has resulted in even more businesses closures. It is the right move to prevent the spread of the disease, but is so hard to watch so many people affected by the closures. I have been so impressed by the leadership that Governor Baker and governors across the United States have shown in these trying times. This is not a about political affiliation. These men and women along with their teams have been laser-focused on tryin

Week 12 – Business as Usual?

Hope you are all doing well. I know this is a trying time and there is a sense of unknown and uneasiness in the air. We do not take it lightly, especially when you have some knowledge of how viruses can spread and be a challenge to contain. As a small business, it is a challenge and something that will keep me up at night since you do not know how long this new norm will persist. That being said, we are one of the fortunate companies to have some funding available in the short term to keep the business moving forward. So many companies in our town and all across the US are not so fortunate. It affects our family and friends as well as total strangers. Our heart breaks for the people that are

Week 11 – When Science Just Won’t Do In an Emergency

Hope everyone had a good week. Well, as good as it is to be expected with all of the craziness that has been the coronavirus. The ripple effects the virus is going to have are going to last for some time to come. First and foremost, it is unnerving from a personal perspective. While I believe that most people who get this disease will suffer flu-like symptoms, there will be a group of people who will not be so lucky. I worry about people like my mom who is in a nursing facility and those like her who are more susceptible and those who may be as healthy as a horse but may be unlucky in terms of getting this illness. I’ve had this happen to a friend who almost lost his life due to an un

Week 10 – On the Outside Looking In

Hope everyone had a great week. Hard to believe we are already 10 weeks into the year. Where does time go? Time moving this fast is always a challenge for any business, especially a small business. We have been working diligently to pursue all avenues to advance our technology with various potential partners and customers from the business front as well as the research and development front. This requires a lot of my focus to be on the business end of things, from developing proposals and creating pitch decks to following up with various potential partners and establishing new leads. This is the hardest part of what I do and the least enjoyable. Even when an experiment goes sideways, there i

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