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Our Bio-Spun™ stand-alone materials and coatings have been shown in various benchtop and preclinical studies to improve healing without sacrificing strength.  The resulting biomaterials and coatings can be made to be as thin as a few microns or as thick as several millimeters.  We also have the ability to incorporate drugs or active agents to provide targeted drug delivery over prolonged periods, even from non-degradable materials. 

What We Can Provide

•  Rapid prototyping of unique and complex structures

•  Laser-cutting

•  Ultrasonic welding (hand-held and bulk welding)

•  Physical, chemical and/or biological characterization

•  Characterization of drug release pharmacokinetics

•  Cell compatibility testing 

•  On-site ethylene oxide or steam sterilization

Tunable Material Properties

•  Material/coating thickness (4 - 1000µm)

•  Pore size variation through controlling average fiber diameter

•  Materials with various properties (nondegradable, biodegradable

    and/or combinations)

•  Targeted physical and chemical properties (e.g. elasticity

    combined with strength, surface functionality)

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