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Week 44 – Time of Transition

Hope everyone is doing well and is safe and healthy. You may be thinking by the blog’s title that I am going to discuss our current ongoing election. I’m sure like many of you, we are looking forward to seeing who has won so we can begin the process of starting to treat each other with more kindness, patience and respect. This is my hope. We should not have to wait for any leader to tell us to do this. It should be something we want to do as individuals. We are Americans, united by our strengths and differences. We have lost our way and I hope we can find it again. I am tired of feeling negative and seeing all of the negativity, which is brutal for an eternal optimist.

The actual reason for the blog’s title is about planning for transitioning the company from a predominantly research company to incorporating manufacturing capabilities. We have started to initiate this process as you’ve read in my past blog but as we finalize and further expand some of our technologies, we need to position ourselves for future growth. These changes would force us to address areas such as increasing personnel, expanding our physical

footprint and implementing organizational changes for the company. We are planners so this is not something that is taking us by surprise. We are now in the process of executing on the plan. We have a lot to do but look forward to the challenge. This is in addition to some potentially really exciting opportunities that may be coming soon on the research side. You will have to stay tuned over the next several weeks to see if these opportunities transpire.

It is an exciting time to be at BioSurfaces. Not just for the team, but for Tina and me as well. These changes challenge us to work outside our comfort zone and learn new aspects of the business. On top of what we know, it will also require us to tap our network for information that we will need to make this transition successful. This process is going to challenge our team members as well. For most of the company’s existence, we were funded through various research grants and contracts. These types of programs had longer time frames to provide specific deliverables. That being said, we have always prided ourselves on working in an efficient manner, usually delivering results ahead of schedule. Manufacturing brings with it shorter, tighter deadlines with continuous work. We have had discussions with our team about what manufacturing means to the company and what is going to be required of all of us to make this successful. We are going to all have to give everything we have to make this a successful venture while continuing to keep the research progressing.

I have always had this plan in my head in terms of the daily operations of the company along with planning for the future. As we have continued to grow the company, I have continued to share what our vision is for the company with different people that have joined us and how they will play a role in making this vision a reality. I have come to realize that it is easier to have the full plan in your head than to fully lay it out. I am always striving to learn more and become a better leader. It is not easy and takes some persistence to keep working at growth. I continue to be a work in progress, with the goal of making a difference in the lives of people that use our technology.

Please continue to stay vigilant and keep social distancing, wear a mask where social distancing is not possible to protect yourself and those around you and frequently wash your hands. Doing the simple things gets us back to some sense of normal. The scientific evidence is overwhelming that masks and social distancing have a positive effect on controlling the virus. Please keep supporting your local businesses as they continue to work through these challenging times. Many other businesses are nowhere near out of the woods yet and won’t be for a long time. As we head to winter in Massachusetts and the cases go up, more businesses are going to rely on curbside take-out. If you can, grab some take-out or visit their outdoor seating for restaurants (while the weather is still decent and the heaters still work) or get an online membership for a local gym. Please also consider donating to your local food pantry or to other nonprofit groups that are helping people who need it. Every little bit helps! Americans are a tough, innovative bunch and we will get through this together!



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