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Bio-Spun™ Scaffolds
Your Solution to 100% Human Relevant Data in an In Vitro Environment

Bio-Spun™ Scaffolds are uniquely designed to replace the bodies natural extracellular matrix, eliminating the need for unreliable animal derived products commonly used in the scaffold of 3D cell culture. This results in a 100% Animal Free model with a significant improvement in reliability and consistency.  


BioSurfaces also provides custom solutions and have attached our scaffolds to a range of products used for 3D bioprinting, organ-on-chip, and cell therapy applications. We can also incorporate drugs, growth factors, or other bioactive agents directly onto the Bio-Spun™ scaffold using our unique process to help customers target specific cellular effects if desired.

Screenshot 2023-05-10 114839.png

Current Tissue Models Made with Bio-Spun™ Scaffolds

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