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In Vitro Research Tools
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Technology Mimicking Nature

  • Less Stress/Inflammatory Response

  • Cells Interact More Naturally

  • Less Rigid than Typical Plastic Dishes/Scaffolds

Product Features


  • Electrospun Fibers Mimic Natural Extracellular Matrix

  • Our Products are completely ANIMAL FREE

  • Variety of Polymer Materials and Thicknesses

  • High-Throughput Transwell and Individual Plate Formats

  • Multiwell Plate Formats for Submerged Culture

  • Accessory Products Available

Research Applications


  • Cancer 

  • Respiratory (Infection, Toxicology, Inhaled Drug-Delivery) 

  • Dermal (Skin Irritation, Skin Sensitization, Wound Healing)

  • Ocular 

  • Skeletal Muscle

  • Neuronal

  • Blood-Brain Barrier

  • Hepatic 


2021 ASCCT Presentation: "Seeding of HPMEC and HAEpiC Cells onto Electrospun Scaffold Plates" (Presented By: Dr. Patrick Hayden's)

In Vitro Full-Thickness Human Skin Models Produced Using Electrospun Scaffolds (Was Presented at the 3D Tissue Model Summit in Boston) - 2023

Screenshot 2023-08-11 124037.png
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