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Annuloplasty Ring​

  • 100% electrospun polymers

  • Usable as sewing cuff ring

Electrospun Stent Sheath

  • Shown in deployed position

  • Expands with stent

Flexible Artificial Arteries

  • Mini-crimp for kink resistance
    while minimizing turbulence

Battlefield Wound Pack

  • Electrospun outer surface

  • Encapsulated absorbent

Design Versatility
Customizable Solutions

Electrospinning can be adapted to virtually any application that requires a nanofibrous material or coating.  Materials are usually made by electrospinning a layer of polymer onto a rotating mandrel, then either sliding the material off the mandrel to produce a tube, or by cutting the material away and peeling it off the mandrel to create a flat sheet.  Mandrels with very small or large diameters can be electrospun onto, and Bio-Spun materials and coatings can be made as thin as a few microns thick to several millimeters.  This technology in its current state is designed for rapid prototyping and reproducibility, but can be affordably scaled to mass production.

During or immediately after electrospinning, these materials can be manipulated in various ways to alter its final form. For example, our Bio-Spun™ materials can be stretched and twisted to make sutures, our tubes can be crimped to make kink-resistant artificial blood vessels, or that multiple layers can be fused to encapsulate internal structures.  The images below illustrate a few examples of our devices, demonstrating the flexibility of our technology to form various shapes.  All of these products have the microstructural benefits of a Bio-Spun material in terms of healing as well as can possess elasticity, have excellent strength, can be made of degradable or non-degradable polymers, have state-of-the-art drug delivery capabilities, and can undergo surface modifications to improve wicking/hydrophilicity or to incorporate/bind various bioactives.

Thin Walled Tube/Capsule

  • 0.75 mm internal diameter

  • 50-300 µm wall thickness


Nanofibrous Suture​

  • Size 2-0 to 10-0 thickness

  • Strength and/or elasticity

High-Strength Soft Tether​

  • High-strength textile core

  • Electrospun bioactive shell

Tapered Artificial Artery​

  • Taper mimics anatomy

  • Encapsulated anti-kink braid

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