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Cell Therapy Products
Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber 
Product Features


  • Easy to Load and Implant

  • Internal Barrier Prevents Inward and Outward Cellular Migration (No Immunosupression Required)

  • Minimal Fibrotic Response Allows Persistent Long-Term Elution of Drugs and/or Bioactive Agents From Device

  • Implanted Cells Nourished by Body

  • Various Sizes and Configurations Possible 

Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber
Research Applications
  • Diabetes

  • Gene Therapy

  • Therapeutic Protein Delivery

  • Protein Discovery

  • Immunological Research

  • Antibody Delivery

  • Cell Transplantation

  • Cell Differentiation

  • Cytokine Therapy

  • Pain Management

  • Immunotherapy

  • Cancer Therapy

  • In Vivo Diagnostics

  • Continuous Protein Delivery (Bioreactor)

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