Our Mission

BioSurfaces seeks to improve the quality of medical care by augmenting existing and emerging medical approaches with our cutting-edge electrospinning polymer (Bio-Spun) nanotechnology.  The use of yesterday’s technology in today’s medical devices still results in unacceptable complication rates and deaths.  The direct implementation of our Bio-Spun nanotechnology allows us to deliver innovative solutions that show significant improvements over industry standards.  We believe that our solutions are the future of biomedical devices, and will dramatically improve quality of care for patients upon their use. 

BioSurfaces, Inc.   •  200 Homer Avenue, Unit 1P  •  Ashland, MA 01721

Telephone: (508) 881-8860  •  Fax: (508) 881-1306  •  Email: info@biosurfaces.us

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