Advanced Technologies

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BioSurfaces has developed and tested various medical devices for implantable (permanent) and non-implantable (temporary) applications with our technology.  

















Many of these technologies were developed from grants and contracts from the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation.  Several of these technologies have completed initial preclinical trials (identified with an asterisk(*)).  These devices hold huge benefits over current commercially available technologies, with their flexibility, drug and bioactive loading capabilities, and improved healing as a result of the nanofibrous structure as compared to other highly porous biomaterials such as expanded ePTFE and woven/knitted textiles.


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Non-Implantable (Temporary) Devices


  • *Wound Pack/Bandage (Battle Wounds/Accident Victims)

  • Indwelling Catheter Coatings (Cancer/Urinary)


  • HIV Filters (Filtration and Personal Protection Devices)


  • Dermal Regeneration Scaffold (Burns and Diabetic Ulcers)


  • Infection-Resistant Bone Fixation Pins (Orthopedic)

Implantable (Permanent) Devices


  • *NuSpun™ Vascular Graft - Self-Sealing Artificial Access Graft (Kidney Disease)

  • *Small-Diameter Artificial Artery (Peripheral Artery Disease)

  • *Artificial Heart Assist Device Conduit (Heart Disease)


  • Drug-Eluting Stent Jacket (Heart/Vascular Disease)


  • *Drug-Eluting Sutures (Vascular Disease/General Surgery)

•  First synthetic, off-the-shelf, acellular graft with          early access

•  Uses science of extracellular scaffold to promote      tissue integration, which may improve clinical           outcomes

•  Scalable, rapid, automated manufacturing 


•  Conducted extensive benchtop testing, initial

    biocompatibility studies and extended preclinical


•  Superior economics - faster to dialysis, less


BioSurfaces Face Mask (With and Without Face Shield)

Using Our Bio-Spun™ Nanosilver Material

What You Need To Know

  • The outer and inner facing materials of the face mask are made out of nonwoven polyester.  If the package includes a face mask with a face shield, the shield is made from a polyester film (Mylar).  Anyone with a known allergy to polyester should not wear this mask.

  • The inner membrane of the mask is made from electrospun polyester containing silver.  Anyone with a known allergy to silver should not wear this mask.  This product is not intended to provide antimicrobial or antiviral protections.

  • This mask is not intended to be used as a surgical mask.

  • This product is not meant to be used where there is significant exposure to liquids or hazardous fluids, nor should it be used in clinical settings where exposure is considered high risk or in settings with high heat or flammable gas. 

Mask Questions? 

Outer Facing Side


Outer Facing Side


Skin Facing Side


Skin Facing Side