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  • Why work with BioSurfaces?
    BioSurfaces is a leader in producing medical devices using our proprietary electrospinning process (Bio-Spun™). The BioSurfaces team has extensive expertise (15+ years) in medical device applications and development along with developing topical and diagnostic applications. We are able to thoroughly understand and solve needs of our customer. We provide a targeted solution, not a “one size fits all” approach. We can provide rapid prototyping of unique and complex nanomaterial structures. BioSurfaces can advance a device from development to manufacturing, including specific equipment needs. BioSurfaces also provides an opportunity to acquire more advanced technology developed by the company via small business grants and contracts from the federal government.
  • What is BioSurfaces seeking?
    We are seeking opportunities to advance our proprietary devices and to strategically apply our Bio-Spun™ technology to targeted devices. We believe that our Bio-Spun™ technology will improve device performance, leading to better outcomes resulting in excellent economics.
  • What are BioSurfaces' core capabilities?
    BioSurfaces has the ability to rapidly prototype unique and complex structures. We can offer in-house services such as laser-cutting, ultrasonic welding (hand-held and bulk welding), physical, chemical and/or biological characterization, cell compatibility testing (non-GLP) and ethylene oxide or steam sterilization. Additionally, BioSurfaces has partnerships with several academic institutions that allow preclinical assessment of a prototype device.
  • What is electrospinning?
    Electrospinning is a method to produce synthetic and biologic fibers (as well as combinations thereof) by using electric force to draw charged threads of polymer solutions to fiber diameters ranging from sub-micron to nanometers. Electrospinning shares characteristics of both electrospraying and conventional solution dry spinning of fibers. Our process does not require the use of coagulation chemistry or high temperatures to produce solid fibers from solution.
  • What are some of the benefits of an electrospun material?
    Our Bio-Spun™ materials induce tissue integration, reduce foreign body reaction, are structurally versatile and can locally deliver drug(s) to a targeted area. We have a scaleable, manufacturable patented process along with trade secrets developed over more than 15 years of development.
  • What properties are achievable with Bio-Spun™ materials?
    Our Bio-Spun™ materials can be produced at a tunable material thickness (4 - 1000µm). Pore size variation can be achieved through controlling average fiber diameter. Materials with various properties (non degradable, biodegradable and/or combinations) can also be produced. Targeted physical and chemical properties (e.g. elasticity combined with strength, surface functionality) can also be created.
  • What is the main internal product focus for BioSurfaces?
    BioSurfaces has developed the NuSpun™ Vascular Graft (NVG), the first synthetic, off-the-shelf, acellular hemodialysis access graft. NVG uses our proprietary technology and the science of extracellular scaffold to promote tissue integration essential for safer, earlier, easier, and more rapid hemodialysis access, generating better clinical outcomes and superior economics. We have a scalable, validated, automated manufacturing process making the NVG ready for deployment following regulatory approval.
  • What is the pathway to working with customers who want to use BioSurfaces' materials?
    BioSurfaces is constantly seeking opportunities to strategically apply our Bio-Spun™ technology to targeted devices. If you believe your device or application would benefit from our Bio-Spun™ material, please contact us via email at or phone (508-881-8860.)
  • How do I contact someone about my application?
    To obtain more information or to set up a phone call, please contact us via email at or phone (508-881-8860). One of our team members will promptly reach out to you to determine what the next steps are in the process, from an introductory call or to an in-person meeting.
  • What is the origin of the BioSurfaces name?
    The name BioSurfaces was created to describe the complex biological (Bio) events that occur when a medical device surface (Surfaces) is implanted into the body.
  • When/Where was BioSurfaces Inc. founded?
    BioSurfaces was founded in 2003 in Ashland, MA by Matthew and Tina Phaneuf. Our mission has not wavered: to improve the quality of medical care by augmenting existing and emerging medical approaches with our cutting-edge electrospinning technology.
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