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Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber – Helping the Body Help Itself (Webcast #6)

Welcome back to our webcast series that we will be starting back up this year! Webcast #6 takes you through our Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber and goes through not only the history of the product, but where we envision this product going. We truly believe the Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber has a chance to be a game changer.

If you are looking for any questions in particular to be answered there is a table of contents below for the time you can find that question at. Let us know if you have any areas of interest that you may want to see a webcast about.

Table of Contents

  1. Introductions - 0:09

  2. What the Bio-Spun cell chamber? - 1:58

  3. How does the Bio-Spun cell chamber work? - 2:29

  4. How did Cell Chamber project first start? What data is there to back the device? - 3:10

  5. What benefits does BioSurfaces Cell Chamber have? - 3:55

  6. How did Rayan start on the project and what is her current role on the development of the product? - 4:24

  7. What were some of the issues Rayan came across when developing the Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber? - 5:19

  8. How did Rayan overcome these issues? - 6:04

  9. What is Rayan looking forward to in the future with this project and where would she like to see it go? - 6:25

  10. What is Jayashree's role in developing the Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber? - 6:45

  11. What did Jayashree learn from first handling the device? - 7:07

  12. How have the initial studies of the chamber helped lead to the next-generation device? - 8:43

  13. What is the history of Cell Chambers? What is out there for cell therapy devices? - 10:05

  14. What has historical been issues with other Cell chamber devices? - 10:57

  15. What are the future applications for the Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber? - 12:00

  16. Closing Statements - 13:04


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