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BioSurfaces Extends Research and Development with Takeda

BioSurfaces Extends Research and Development Collaboration with Takeda for Cell Encapsulation Technology

Ashland, Massachusetts, July 26, 2021BioSurfaces announced today that it has extended its ongoing research and development agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Limited. Under this extension, Takeda will fund and support continued development of the BioSurfaces proprietary cell encapsulation technology, known as the Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber.

BioSurfaces and Takeda originally entered into a research and development agreement in 2017 with the goal of developing therapeutic materials-based devices to treat complications related to gastrointestinal disease. The Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber, a fibrosis-resistant implant, was one of the prototype devices developed under that agreement.

Current biologics drug therapies require repeated periodic dosing by injection or infusion. Bio-Spun™ Cell Chambers may offer an alternative delivery method by housing and shielding therapeutic-secreting cells so they can be a “biofactory” that continuously produces biologic drugs at the implant site over an extended period of time. Under the extension, Bio-Spun™ Cell Chamber technologies will be refined for future application with target recombinant cell lines in small and large animal studies.

Matthew Phaneuf, President and CTO of BioSurfaces, stated, “We are excited about continuing development of our cell encapsulation technology with Takeda. Our long-term drug release data in the initial phase of our collaboration, which was implanted for over six months without device rejection, is extremely promising.”

For more information about BioSurfaces, please visit the company’s website ( or contact Cameron Phaneuf, Director of Marketing and Sales at

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The human cellular matrix is a key enabler of biology-driven products. At BioSurfaces we use our mastery of the intersection between biology and synthetic cellular matrices to develop and manufacture in vitro research tools, biomaterial therapeutics, medical devices and consumer products.


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