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Revolutionizing In Vitro Research (Webcast #8)

In this captivating webcast viewers are taken on a fascinating journey into the cutting-edge world of Bio-Spun™ Scaffolds. Hosted by Cameron Phaneuf and joined by Matthew Phaneuf, the President and Dr. Patrick Hayden, Vice President of Innovative Research, the discussion delves deep into the creation, applications, and potential of these innovative scaffolds in the in vitro research tools (IVRT) field. The webcast highlights how these scaffolds are being used to create full-thickness tissue models, with a focus on skin, airway, and intestinal tissues, as well as their integration in organ-on-a-chip systems for advanced drug testing and personalized medicine. Enjoy learning more about our solutions for in vitro research and let us know what you would like on the next webcast!


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