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Sirolimus Delivery from an Electrospun Graft Material Data Presented at the 2021 Society for Biomate

Dr. Jayashree Chakravarty, Senior Research Associate at BioSurfaces, Inc, presented her research findings in the Rapid Fire Session at the 2021 Society for Biomaterials Conference on April 22nd. Dr. Chakravarty’s abstract entitled "Sirolimus Delivery from an Electrospun Vascular Access Graft Material" focused on assessing the effects of various levels of Sirolimus loading into the electrospun material that comprises the graft and to evaluate release and subsequent biologic activity on human vascular smooth muscle cells in vitro. This study serves as a precursor to developing a novel synthetic electrospun vascular access graft (NuSpun™) that can address the potential for outflow stenosis by delivering the anti-proliferative agent Sirolimus into the electrospun fibers at the distal/outflow end of the graft. This research was conducted in conjunction with investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston, MA) and was supported, in part, from a Phase 1 grant from KidneyX.

If you are interested in listening to Dr. Chakravarty’s presentation along with reviewing her slides, please click here to access the presentation.


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