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Week 13 – The Mighty Robin!

Hope all is going well. Our team is getting geared up for a well-deserved long 4th of July weekend. Hard to believe we are half-way through the year already. Once we hit this point, the summer just seems to fly by so we’re going to enjoy it as much as possible. Before I get started, I wanted to let you know that we will be posting some news next week related to two new business opportunities for the company. While we can’t provide a lot of details, we are excited

about these programs. To give you a little teaser, both of these opportunities involve world-renowned companies looking to use our Bio-Spun™ materials. You’ll have to check back in next week to see what the news is!

That brings me to the topic of this week’s blog – the mighty robin! You may be asking yourself what does a robin have to do with BioSurfaces. You may be also thinking that I’ve lost it and have been spending too much time in the hot sun! I will hopefully be able to convince you that BioSurfaces is very similar to the mighty robin. You will have to read on to see why I believe that.

Every week, I mow my lawn. Nothing earth shattering there. It is a mindless process as many of you know and we do it every week because you don’t want your yard to look like a jungle. I enjoy it because it gives me time to really be with my thoughts. I don’t have music, an e-book, or sports radio chirping in my ears. Nothing but the good old sound of the lawn mower and my thoughts. For me, this alone time is nice because most of my week is spent solving problems of the business. It sometimes feels like it is never ending. It’s like being the only employee of the customer service department at a big store.

Mowing really allows me to let my thoughts wander. Most of the time, they wander right back to the company. For the past several weeks, I have noticed an interesting pattern when I mow. After I mow a portion of the yard, a pair of robins swoop in to land on the newly cut area and begin looking for food. They rotate in and out of the area I mow, flying away to the freshly cut area behind me when I approach them as I continue to mow. They do not bother to go to areas that I have not mowed. My hypothesis is that the freshly cut grass allows them to more precisely target their food location in the dirt. They fly in and out non-stop, determined in their mission. I was so impressed watching them work so hard that I gained a real admiration for the robin.

I started to ask myself why am I relating so much to this little bird. After all, we have other more powerful birds around the area like the red-tailed hawk. These majestic birds that dominate the skies and their prey. They are expected to succeed since they have the ability to succeed in their environment since they have such a physical advantage. The robin, on the other hand, is not guaranteed success and has to work for everything they get. Unlike the hawk that got its food in one fell swoop, the Robin had to work for each little morsel it got.

And then it hit me! BioSurfaces is just like that little Robin. We are constantly fighting for everything we have. We have not been given any advantages. We are persistent and will outwork others to survive and thrive. We operate using a team philosophy just like the little Robins hunting for food. In contrast, the hawks are the companies that have been given a natural advantage. Sometimes it’s being a company founded by people from a prestigious institute or university or having access to funds that most companies do not. These advantages are not necessarily earned, but a fact of life. We understand that we have not been given any of these benefits. That does not make what we do any less important or valuable. We will have to work hard like that little robin in order to be successful. We continue to do that and believe that this will hopefully benefit the world around us. Time will tell. We will continue to strive to be like the mighty robin.

We’ll see you back here next week for our news release and on July 30th for the next blog.

For our U.S. readers, we hope you have a great July 4th!



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