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Next Generation Solutions for In Vitro Tissue Models (Webinar #1)

Description: Welcome to a dynamic and informative webinar that delves into the exciting world of cutting-edge tissue models and their pivotal role in advancing science and healthcare. Join us for an in-depth discussion of groundbreaking research and product development, as we showcase the latest advancements in tissue modeling and engineering.

1. Opening Remarks (0:01 - 1:51)
• Introduction to the Webinar
• Introduction to the Speakers
• Agenda Remarks

2. Dr. Min Jae Song (1:52 - 33:50)
Talk Title: Predictive Human In Vitro models for Improving Translational Quality and Efficiency
• Background on what Dr. Min Jae Song is researching
• Overview of what has been discovered through his research

3. Questions and Answers from Audience (33.51 - 42:06)
• Answer questions asked by the audience

4. Dr. Tuan Hoang (42:36 - 1:10:35)
Talk Title: Humanized Models for Human Applications - Progress in Advanced 3D Culture Models
• Background on Finnadvance
• Overview on Finnadvance’s platforms/ technology and microphysiological models
• Products/services available
• Future collaborative developments

5. Questions and Answers from Audience (1:10:48 - 1:15:55)
• Answer questions asked by the audience

6. Dr. Patrick Hayden (1:17:08 - 2:10:25)
Talk Title: Next-Generation In Vitro Human Tissue Models Based on Novel Electrospun Scaffolds
• Overview of the electrospinning process and scaffold production
• Currently available insert scaffold formats
• Development and characterization of in vitro human models using electrospun scaffold insert plates
• Airway Models • Skin Models
• Future Directions: Building more complex, functional and translational human tissue models
• Additional organ/tissue types/co-cultures • Organ-on-a-chip/flow platforms

7. Questions and Answers from Audience (2:10:36 - 2:16:40)
• Answer questions asked by the audience

8. Closing Remarks (2:16:41 - 2:17:03)
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