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Monthly Spin-Off #10 (Turning Thoughts into Reality)

Introduction: BioSurfaces recently celebrated a remarkable achievement with its inaugural webinar, a resounding success that left a significant impact on our digital presence. The event garnered thousands of impressions across our social media platforms and attracted the participation of approximately 50 attendees, indicating a substantial interest in our offerings. This positive response has energized our team to begin planning another webinar. In this article, we will delve into the journey that brought us to this achievement, the analytics derived from the event, and our potential plans for future webinars.

The Journey to Hosting a Webinar: Our journey commenced with a decision by our Founder and President, Matthew Phaneuf, to acquire Microsoft 365. This acquisition opened the door to an exciting opportunity – the ability to host webinars through Microsoft Teams. From this point, our planning efforts unfolded, involving tasks such as selecting presenters and structuring the event.

Effective Marketing on a Tight Budget: Notably, we managed to execute this plan without the luxury of a dedicated marketing budget. As discussed in previous monthly meetings, our solution was to rely on creativity and resourcefulness to connect with potential participants. Leveraging the connections and networks forged by the BioSurfaces team at various industry events earlier in the year, we amassed an extensive list of contacts to reach out to.

Strategic Outreach: Our outreach strategy revolved around categorizing potential attendees based on their likelihood of participation. We sent more generalized emails to those who seemed less likely to attend and tailored, informative messages to those who exhibited a strong interest. Through this email campaign, we successfully secured around 20 attendees for the webinar, while the remaining 30 attendees were recruited through LinkedIn.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Outreach: Harnessing the power of networking and the expansive reach of LinkedIn, we created an event on the platform and extended invitations to hundreds of connections nurtured by Matthew and Cameron over the years. Although approximately 90 individuals accepted the LinkedIn event invitation, we encountered a minor hiccup. Many had accepted the invitation but hadn't completed the registration process through the Microsoft Teams link. To overcome this, we sent additional messages encouraging them to register using Teams, resulting in 30 successful registrations.

Analysis and Next Steps: Our post-webinar analysis revealed a sustained interest among our viewers, with increased user visits to both the IVRT page and the IVRT Shop. This analysis underscores the effectiveness of our strategies. Moving forward, our challenge is to engage with individuals who demonstrated a keen interest during the webinar and capitalize on a topic gaining momentum in the industry. Our solution lies in careful lead sorting and persistent follow-ups.

Utilizing HubSpot for Continued Engagement: To address this challenge, we've integrated HubSpot into our operations. By organizing our best leads and current customers in their system, we can track email interactions and pick up where previous conversations left off. This approach ensures that we stay connected with those who showed a keen interest in our IVRT products and services, helping us maintain our momentum in this growing industry.

Conclusion and Future Plans: In conclusion, BioSurfaces' experience in hosting its first webinar has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are already planning another one for early next year. We have learned valuable lessons about creative marketing, persistence, and utilizing technology to our advantage. Our commitment to nurturing leads and capitalizing on industry trends ensures that our future webinars will continue to generate success and growth for our company.

Written By:

Cameron Phaneuf


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