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Image by Solen Feyissa

Electrospinning: Our Core Technology

BioSurfaces makes devices and coatings out of FDA-approved polymers via electrospinning. These nanofibrous materials can be formed into various structures that encourage healing and treat disease at the implant site.

Next Generation Drug Delivery

BioSurfaces' room-temperature electrospinning process allows drug loading into each fiber, providing a reservoir for sustained drug release at the implant site.

About Us

To improve lives throughout the world by applying our unique Bio-Spun™ nanofiber materials and our decades of expertise to develop and provide a range of products that are superior to those available today, including medical devices, 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering, and even personal care products.  We  collaborate with some of the world's leading organizations such as Takeda, the National Institutes of Health and Corning.

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