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Week 9 – Just Another Dream

The weeks continue to fly by! Where did June go? I think I notice it more writing this blog because I can’t believe it’s that time again already and another week is in the books. While it is a lot work writing this (like I need another thing to do), I really enjoy being able to let you know what we are thinking, doing and planning. We are making strides on so many fronts, but it is never as fast as you want it to be, mostly on the business side. On the science and engineering sides, things continue to move along at a quick pace. Watching the team working on several different programs all at once is like a fine symphony being composed. While we can hit some bad “notes” from time to tim

Week 8 – Making It Work

Before I get started, we are kicking around the idea of doing a social media live chat in the near future to answer any questions that people may have regarding the technology, what we working on, what our future plans are, what is our favorite device, etc. Any questions you might have that we can answer without giving away trade secrets or infringing on our customer’s proprietary research will be open. We would like to hear your thoughts. We have a very simple survey on the home page and on the news page! Please weigh in with your opinion. Two clicks! That’s it! Easy Peasy! We promise any surveys we do now or in the future are for our use only and will remain simple. It is our way t

Week 7 – “Grafting on My Mind”

a lot of moving parts going on here, from developing test procedures to confirm the graft is made the same way each time and performs the way it should and testing our new manufacturing electrospinning unit to setting up a quality management system (a process used to track how each device is made) and assessing the device in our current preclinical study. Successful execution of all of these moving parts is essential if we hope to bring the device forward for use in people. You may be asking yourself, “What is a graft and why are they used?” Great questions! A graft (for a device that is implanted into an artery or vein within the body) is a tubular structure (think of a paper towel roll)

Week 6 – Not Enough Time in the Week

I want to start off by thanking everyone who has been following our blog. We have been getting some positive feedback from many folks who have been following us. We are appreciative that you are taking the time to read about what we are working on. If you would like to learn about a specific area or have additional questions about what we’ve talked about in our blog, please let me know. You can send questions/comments to any of our social media sites or directly on the website ( This request comes directly to me and I would love to hear from you! We are also working on revising the web site to include some additional features (nice to put my recent M

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