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BioSurfaces Receives Strategic Investment from Saint-Gobain

BioSurfaces Receives Strategic Investment from Saint-Gobain

BioSurfaces to Advance Technology and Expand Manufacturing Capabilities

Ashland, MA - December 8, 2022— BioSurfaces and Saint-Gobain Life Sciences are pleased to announce that Saint-Gobain has made a strategic investment in the company. NOVA by Saint-Gobain, the corporate venture arm of Saint-Gobain, was the lead investor in a Series A financing that also included most of the original seed investors in BioSurfaces. The strategic investment will help drive marketing and sales of BioSurfaces’s in vitro research tools (IVRT) for cell and tissue culture as well as support the growing number of collaborations BioSurfaces has with leading life science companies. These collaborations combine BioSurfaces’s Bio-Spun™ technology with groundbreaking technologies to significantly improve, or even enable, many different therapies.

The synergies between BioSurfaces and Saint-Gobain Life Sciences are significant. The companies are exploring howBio-Spun™ technology can be combined with existing and new Saint-Gobain Life Sciences products. In addition, BioSurfaces will leverage Saint-Gobain’s expertise in manufacturing as BioSurfaces expands its manufacturing capabilities to meet growing demand. Both companies anticipate that many Saint-Gobain Life Sciences customers will be interested in leveraging BioSurfaces’ technologies.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Saint-Gobain Life Sciences, a world leader in innovating solutions for life science sector,” said Matthew Phaneuf, President and CTO of BioSurfaces. “Our group has been developing and refining our promising nanomaterial technology for a number of different applications for over 19 years. Bio-Spun™ materials used in our IVRT products show cells respond in a similar fashion to biologic scaffolds, while being completely free of animal products. Because our materials closely mimic the natural extracellular matrix, they have shown excellent healing with minimal scar formation when implanted. In addition, our materials can be used to deliver drugs and/or bioactive agents directly to a target area in the body. These attributes are promising for the next generation of medical devices, drug or cell delivery systems and consumer products such as actives delivery for the cosmeceutical industry. Working with Saint-Gobain Life Sciences provides BioSurfaces access to an extensive new customer base, and gives them the opportunity to explore using Bio-Spun™ material for next generation products.”

“Our investment in BioSurfaces offers an opportunity for NOVA by Saint-Gobain to improve health outcomes for those around the world,” said Minas Apelian, Vice President, External and Internal Venturing, Saint-Gobain. “In collaboration with our Life Sciences sector, BioSurfaces technology will help enhance performance for the next generation of medical devices to improve healing without sacrificing effectiveness.”

“This partnership with BioSurfaces broadens our capabilities and expands the ways in which we’re able to service our customers,” said Sung Yu, CEO of Saint-Gobain Life Sciences. “Their technologies offer a wide range of applications that complement our current portfolio of products, as well as opportunities to grow our presence in in vitro diagnostics, cell therapy and other emerging applications in 3D cell culture, and skin care.”

About BioSurfaces (

BioSurfaces, based in Ashland, Massachusetts, is a biotechnology company with deep leadership and a diverse team of specialists in materials biology. The company’s Bio-Spun™ technology creates product solutions by engineering biology with synthetic cellular matrices for applications ranging from in vitro research tools and delivery of bio-active therapeutics to medical devices and consumer health products. These materials can be made to form a variety of unusual and difficult-to-manufacture shapes while also demonstrating improved biocompatibility over other textile-based materials. The BioSurfaces manufacturing process also allows the incorporation of drugs or other bioactive agents directly into the nanofibers for localized release. BioSurfaces’s technology is validated by leading organizations in pharmaceutical, medical device, life sciences, and consumer products.

About Saint-Gobain Life Sciences

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences designs and manufactures high-performance components and innovative solutions across a wide range of industries, including biopharmaceuticals, medical, electronics, food and beverage, and more. Supported by deep material expertise and a global manufacturing footprint, our focus on quality and compliance makes us a trusted partner for consistent, reliable, and sustainable solutions.

As part of the Saint-Gobain Group, worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, we believe in progress and seek to be a game-changer that improves individual and collective health and wellness. We are convinced that the solutions that meet everyone’s essential needs and allow us to live better together, without jeopardizing future generations, are still to be invented.

Our commitment to reach this ambitious objective is guided by our shared purpose “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME”.

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