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Mark Guitarini Joins BioSurfaces Business Advisory Board

BioSurfaces is excited to announce that Mark Guitarini will be joining its Business Advisory Board. Mr. Guitarini is a seasoned strategic executive with over 35 years of experience spanning Business Development, Project Management, R&D, Manufacturing, and Operations in the diagnostics and medical device industries. He has a remarkable track record, having roots in esteemed organizations like General Dynamics and Textron, Mr. Guitarini transitioned his focus to medical devices, contributing significantly to companies such as Tyco Healthcare, Covidien, and Haemonetics.

In 2018, Mr. Guitarini took the helm as Managing Director at Bonifacio Consulting Services and later founded Medintel Consulting LLC to cater to specialized technical consulting needs. His pivotal involvement in the National Institutes of Health RADx and ITAP programs showcased Mr.  Guitarini’s commitment to tackling healthcare challenges, resulting in significant advancements in COVID-19 testing technologies.

In 2022, Mr. Guitarini co-founded Guide Product Development, a consultancy firm aiding IVD and medical device companies in developing innovative diagnostic solutions globally. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, he is renowned for his engineering prowess and entrepreneurial vision, making him a sought-after speaker and contributor in the medical device manufacturing realm.

Mr. Guitarini looks forward to aiding BioSurfaces as part of the Business Advisory, stating, "I am excited to contribute my expertise to BioSurfaces, guiding their strategic growth and innovation for the company’s IVRT and medical device products."


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